Universal Plasma Focus Laboratory Facility at Centre for Plasma Research INTI-International University



based on the Lee Model   in collaboration with

AAAPT   NTU-NIE Plasma Radiation Lab   UM Plasma Research Lab

International Centre for Theoretical Physics Plasma Focus Lab, Trieste, Italy

Institute for Plasma Focus Studies


Every Dense Plasma Focus, existing, past & planned may be operated with this facility- acquire this facility below


Egypt, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, Zimbabwe                         NTU/NIE Singapore                                             ICDMP Poland

                 UNU/ICTP PFF Network



New Effect discovered: Plasma Focus Pinch Current Limitation Effect- S Lee & S H Saw, Applied Phys Letts 92, 021503 (2008)

Scaling Laws clarified: Neutron Scaling Laws from Numerical Experiments- S Lee & S H Saw, J Fusion Energy, 27, 292-295 (2008)

Current and Neutron Scaling for Megajoule Plasma Focus Machines- S Lee, Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion, 50, 105005 (2008)

Neutron-scaling Deterioration and Eventual Saturation-Cause- S Lee, Applied Phys Letts 95, 151503 (2009)

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Description of Facility

Theory of Facility

                       To download the Universal Plasma Focus Laboratory, click: Model Code of Facility



To download a specific Plasma Focus Machine, click one of the following:

PF400 (Chile)     UNU/ICTP PFF (Network Countries)     NX2 (Singapore)     DPF78 & Poseidon (Germany)     PF1000 (ICDMP)  

                     (Mini PF-sub kJ)       (Small PF- 3kJ)     (Hi Rep PF- 3kJ)     (30kJ)     (300kJ)        (Large 1MJ)    


         Contact: Prof Dr Saw Sor Heoh,  Director, Centre for Plasma Research          




             Professor Dr Lee Sing

            Institute for Plasma Focus Studies






5th International Conference on Frontiers of Plasma Physics and Technology 18-22 April 2011, Singapore


Joint ICTP-IAEA Workshop on Dense Magnetized Plasmas & Plasma Diagnostics, Trieste Italy 15-26 November 2010   


International Workshop on Plasma Science and Applications (IWPSA) 25-26 October 2010, Xiamen China       

                                     Third in a series started at INTI-IU and UM (IWPCA 2008) followed by IWPDA 2009 Singapore                                                                                                                                           

            Collaborative Workshop (INTI-IU NTU/NIE IPFS) on Plasma Focus Experiments, INTI IU, Nilai, Malaysia 16-28 August 2010

Seminar on Plasma Focus Applications, INTI IU, Nilai,Malaysia, 26 August 2010 -completed 

                                                                                                     Contact: Prof Dr Saw Sor heoh   sorheoh.saw@newinti.edu.my    

                                Second International Conference on Nuclear and Renewable Energy Resources NURER 2010, 4-7 July 2010, Ankara, Turkey

                NURER 2010 Fusion Energy Workshop Part 1: 15 April-11 May 2010 (internet-based) Part 2: 5-6 July 2010, Gazi University, Ankara

 Contact: Assoc Prof Dr E Kurt mailto:ekurt@gazi.edu.tr-completed 

Collaborative Workshop (KSU INTI-IU IPFS) on Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments, Kansas State University, 24 May-8 June 2010

Contact: Prof Ali Abdou   mailto:aeabdou@ksu.edu -completed 

INTI IU-IPFS Team:- lecture tour of Turkey, September-October 2009 -completed 

Second internet Course on Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments: completed in July-September 2009-completed 

                                    IWPDA 2009 International Workshop on Plasma Diagnostics & Applications 2-3 July 2009, Singapore -completed 

Nuclear & Renewable Energy Sources with International Participation 28-29 September 2009, Ankara, Turkey-completed 

Internet Course on Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments: completed in April-May 2008-completed 

                 New Internet Course on Plasma Focus Numerical Experiments: do this certificated course at your leisure   Contact: Institute for Plasma Focus Studies-completed     
International Workshop on Plasma Computations & Applications: July 14-15 2008: 35 participants, 11 countries; 17 papers presented



Invitation: Send in your current trace of any (preferably strong) focussing shot. Include the bank parameters, Lo and Co and ro(if you have), tube geometry b,a ,zo and operational parameters Vo and Po and fill gas. We will fit your current trace for you. On successful fitting you will have the time history of your axial and radial dynamics, plasma properties such as temperature and radiation yield, plus other important quantities such as pinch current and neutron yield (if operating in deuterium) as computed by the model. Or do it yourself with the code you can download above, and let us have your results to add to our Archive.


Useful Tool : The EngaugeDigitizer (digit-exe-windows-4_1) was used to digitize published waveform curves used in this website; the tool may be downloaded from the following link: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php group_id=67696&package_id=130007&release_id=500277


Updated: 19 October 2010

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